"Sapphire" cordless trimmer

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The perfect clipper for partial clipping of cattle or for styling cows and horses.
  • For small animals, sensitive parts or veterinary use.
  • Quiet and powerful 35W motor with permanent magnets.
  • 2 batteries. Compatible with Moser/Oster/Andis/Wahl blades.
  • Wide range of combs.
  • 3 year warranty.

Cordless Saphir Small Animal Clipper With 2 Batteries

The perfect clipper for partial cattle and horse clipping and cow or horse styling....

  • For small animals and different sensitive parts. 
  • Quiet and powerful 35W permanent magnet motor.
  • High performance battery with latest lithium ion technology.
  • Additional battery pack for continuous clipping.
  • Solid, durable charger unit with separate charging bay for 2nd battery pack and charge indicator.
  • Detachable blade system compatible with A5 blades.
  • New range of Heiniger small animal clipper blades available