Tasty Bone Threesome

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It's triple the fun and very gnarly. This is our incredibly delicious Bone Trio. Like all of our nylon chews, this TastyBone product has been tested on the most vigorous chewers. Made from 100% virgin nylon, it's guaranteed to last. Uniquely infused with irresistible flavors to the core, your dog will never be bored as the flavor will last the life of the bone. With every bite, your dog's gums and teeth grow stronger and healthier, protecting against infections, tooth loss and veterinary bills.

100% virgin nylon, synthetic flavor

This TastyBone can be cleaned using lukewarm water

Don't throw TastyBone for your dog to grab it, the impact could damage his teeth. All dog breeds are different, please choose a product larger than your dog's mouth. As a dog chews the bone, small, rice-sized pieces will naturally shave off, these pieces are safe for your dog to ingest and will pass through their system without causing harm. Dogs should be supervised with all TastyBone products, once the bone becomes smaller than your dog's mouth it should be immediately removed and discarded. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that this product is suitable for their dog, all dogs vary in size and chewing strength.