Ruff Dawg Dawg-Buster

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Solid rubber recovery toy
float, bounce, indestructible!
For the toughest toy... who are you going to call? DAWG-BUSTER!
Indestructible with a lifetime warranty.

Ruff Dawg's toughest toy yet, the Indestructible Dawg-Buster is built to withstand the most intense play! An assortment of bright, high-visibility neon colors that won't get lost in the grass or pool.

These indestructible toys float, bounce wildly, and take serious abuse during intense play, yet remain gentle on teeth and gums, so recovery can go on and on!

If your dog damages his Dawg-Buster toy, don't panic, we offer a replacement guarantee!
30.48 x 7.62cm dia. for large dogs 40 lbs. and more