Silver Honey™ Rapid Wound Repair

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Powerful, natural and fast-acting wound care.

The first product to combine the natural power of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver™ BG, Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair is a bacteria-resistant yet skin-friendly equine wound care product. Its breakthrough formula moisturizes the treatment area as it heals and is proven to immediately stop 99.9% of bacteria to start healing faster. It also protects the skin's natural microbiome, so your horses, ponies and animal companions heal quickly and comfortably. Effective on cuts, scrapes, wounds, rain rot, rashes, fungus, scratches, itches, sores and burns.

  • Made with natural medical grade active ingredients
  • Proven to immediately stop 99.9% of bacteria to start healing faster
  • Provides natural wound debridement to remove dead tissue and promote new tissue growth
  • An excellent multi-species solution, providing natural wound care for chickens, horses, cats, dogs and other pets such as rabbits.
  • Natural neem oil repels insects
  • pH balanced and hypochlorous acid free
  • Does not disrupt the skin's natural microbiome

The natural powers of MicroSilver BG™ and Manuka Honey work together to start healing faster

MicroSilver BG™

Providing long-lasting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, MicroSilver BG™ is a powder of micro-sized, medical-grade pure silver particles. Unlike colloidal silver, microparticles provide the highest level of safety for silver used in topical healthcare, resulting in effective antimicrobial action that bonds to skin and hair follicles. MicroSilver BG™ protects against unwanted germs while strengthening the skin's natural defenses and maintaining the skin's beneficial flora.

manuka honey

Silver Honey has an impressive 5+ UMF or 'Unique Manuka Factor' rating, meaning it uses real Manuka honey harvested exclusively from the pollen of the New Zealand manuka tree. Manuka Honey has exceptionally high antibacterial activity and maintains a hydrated and healthy wound environment. It also encourages debridement or shedding of dead tissue from the wound. The balanced wound environment created from the characteristic compounds of Manuka honey contributes to the quality and speed of healing.

Available in two convenient application methods

Aerosol Gel
Designed to stay in place, Silver Honey Gel Spray provides continuous wound coverage. Its non-contact application is ideal for treating large areas of skin.

Our longest lasting coverage and hydration, Silver Honey Ointment is highly effective in softening older, stubborn scabs for easier removal while promoting healing of the wound below.
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8 fl oz. gel spray
2oz. tube