Probiotic air freshener

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Our cat and dog deodorizing spray moisturizes and deodorizes skin and coat for a fresher, better-smelling pet between washes. It contains avocado oil and topical probiotics that help maintain a healthy microbiome to defend against common skin issues such as itching, odor, dryness, dandruff, hot spots, yeast and excessive excretion.

Available in Lavender, Hound of the Woods, Honey Lollipop, and Unscented.

Pets that need extra odor control, itch relief and hydration. Provides a probiotic supplement between baths for pets that suffer from skin irritations due to environmental allergies.

Infused with a live, colony-forming probiotic kefir culture to bring out your pet's natural beauty. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Why probiotics?
The good bacteria serve as a natural defense against environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. When applied to the skin, probiotics support good bacteria that naturally calm inflammation and prevent bad bacteria from taking over.