Cattle tag pliers

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Holding curls is also a matter of pliers!

Using our TOTAL TAGGER pliers is a guarantee of success for the tagging of your animals. They are perfectly suited to our ranges of tags and are available in two versions for cattle: the universal red TOTAL TAGGER pliers for electronic and conventional tags and the yellow and black TOTAL TAGGER pliers for additionally fitting TST sampling tags.

Technical advantages:
  • Made of aluminum so very light and easy to handle with one hand.
  • Depth of the jaw allowing the loops to be placed in the hollow of the ear whatever the breed and age of the animal.
  • Opening angle offering optimal comfort for the laying operation.
  • Stainless steel pedal firmly holding the female part during installation but allowing easy release of the buckle once installed.
  • Powerful return spring allowing easy and quick opening after installation.
  • Plastic adapter to be removed for installing cattle electronic markers.
  • Presence of a spare punch supplied free of charge in one of the handles of each clamp.
  • Metal ratchet to hold the clamp in the closed position after use.