Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil for Dogs

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Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil helps dogs achieve shiny coats and healthy skin. This pure, low-temperature oil, made in our certified factories, is formulated using only wild Alaskan pollock caught from the crystal clear waters of the Bering Sea by our certified processing vessels. Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil has a unique ratio of more EPA and less DHA, this ratio makes this product a skin and coat specialist as it works quickly to support healthy skin and coat. helps reduce cellular inflammation. Our Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil is a dedicated supplement that gives you levels of bioavailable long chain omega 3 fatty acids that cannot be obtained through heat-processed pellets, kibbles, soft or dehydrated canned foods. . Our oils pair well with raw diets!

Clean natural diets
Wild caught (not farm raised)
Sourced in USA, produced in Alaska USA, bottled in USA
Complete chain of custody - from the net to your pet
We only use safe, single-use, BPA-free plastic bottles
All products are hardened and hermetically sealed - prevents tampering and minimizes leakage
Bottles that require a pump are packaged in a ready-to-use box with a pump included in the box

Ingredients: Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil, Mixed Tocopherols