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Demotec is a bi-component resin for the treatment of bovine lameness. After cleaning (nail and rasp) of the healthy hoof, a wooden sole with Demotec resin is applied to it. The enhancement of the healthy claw will relieve the diseased claw. This relief of pressure on the diseased hoof will promote rapid healing and mitigate loss of weight or milk production. Packaging 14 treatments.

Demotec is a bi-component resin for hoof treatment on cattle. Demotec 95 is a special resin that has been developed as a suitable means for the treatment of lame cattle. Due to its outstanding quality, handy and convenient use, it is an ideal problem solver when treating diseases of the hoof. Demotec 95 is particularly characterized by its plasticity with out being sticky and can be used within a few seconds of mixing. 14 treatments.